Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday the 13th - A good day for a tat.

Great friends are one of life's hidden gems. They encourage you, they share your special moments and they laugh their asses off when you scream "Holy &*%$#@" because the tattoo you thought was a good idea right on your rib, ends up feeling like you are being pecked to death by a mechanical woodpecker. On Redbull.

Is that an F bomb straining to escape my lips?
I have thought about getting one for a few months. Since my 40th birthday to be exact and I added a tattoo to my bucket list. So when my friend Roxy said she wanted another one, we decided to make a night of it. My other friend came along for support and wanted to get one too. But she shall remain nameless.

But what R did not know is that I got cold feet and was not planning on getting one. That's a sucky thing for a friend to do, right? But being a good friend, she talked me into it and even bought my tattoo as a gift for me. I had no idea what I wanted anymore in terms of a design. But I knew if I got anything, it would incorporate my kids.

Since my other friend was starting to get cold feet, I told her I would go first. Well, we ended up getting ours at the same time anyway. There was a lot of moaning and wincing going on and we were in near tears. If only I had a piece of leather to bite down on.

I am happy that I got it. It was so much fun hanging with my friends and now we have bonded over tats. I am sure years down the road we will call each other up and ask how the tats are doing.

And if you are wondering, it hurts like a $%&%^&(^&(*())*(()*(_)&^%$%#$@#@#%!!!!!!!!!!