Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards

12/16/2008 - 24w6d

I had crafty ambitions this year and decided to make Christmas cards. I found a design at Archiver's I really liked and bought the necessary supplies. I started making them and realized it took a lot of work to put cards together. A friend, Sarah B, came over and helped me with some of the pieces that go on the cards. I ended up making 12 cards before I decided that was enough card crafting for this year.

I made my card list and realized with 36 recipients, 12 cards was not going to cut it. I bought pre-made cards and although I like the colors and the design, it has become a difficult task deciding who gets which card. So if any of you get a store bought card, please know that it was sent with as much love and Christmas spirit as the hand made ones. Possibly more.

I am looking forward to next Christmas when we can have photo cards made with the babies. When it's just a picture of a couple, a photo card is kinda weird. Add kids to the mix and it's not so weird anymore. Unless the kids are dressed as elves and mommy and daddy are Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Which now that I think about it, isn't such a bad idea.


Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping. You are too funny... especially the one about everyone wanting to have twins!!