Monday, December 22, 2008

Increasing Your Chances of Twins

12/22/08 - 25w5d

I was surfing the web for twin sites and came across this "instruction manual" for having twins. This is crazy stuff. Grow or gain weight? Wait until you are older to have a kid? Get pregnant while on the pill?

I didn't realize there was such a need for a list of things to do to have twins. I don't mind the eating more sweet potatoes but all that other stuff just sounds unhealthy like condoning weight gain. Rod and I did go through a fertility treatment but it never sank in that we would be having twins. Even when the doctor was implanting two eggs, I never imagined both would take. We tried and tried for a number of years so I thought we would be lucky if even one stuck.

When people find out we are pregnant with twins, I get pretty much the same reaction. People are so enthralled with twins and I have had several conversations with women telling me they wish they had twins. That we are so lucky to be having two at the same time.

Then I get the question, do twins run in either family? Well, no. But how do I answer that question? I don't think everyone needs to necessarily know that we went through IVF. That would just create more questions. The explanation I had been giving has to do with the age factor. Being 35, my eggs were being released en masse in hopes of striking gold. Who knew this was actually true? And if people don't believe that, I'll just tell them I loaded up on yams.