Wednesday, December 24, 2008


12/24/08 - 25w7d

I have not bought anything for the babies until recently. It's not that I have any superstitions about buying items before the twins get here. It's just been lack of money and space that has limited me. Thank goodness I got so much stuff from my sister, Thanh and best friend, Lisa. I am hoping that I can drag Rod to the stores and decide on a baby registry pretty soon or the babies will be sleeping in an IKEA dresser until they are 5. (To CPS - I kid, I kid)

I did buy 2 Christmas stockings for the the babies.


We haven't put them up, I bought them more for next Christmas when it will be the twins first. They were only a dollar at Target and I just love the penguins. I can personalize them later with their names. And at the rate that endeavor is going, they will end up being called Thing 1 and Thing 2.


Floriae said...

yeah I was wondering when you are going to settle on names!

and the stockings are super cute - alex still doesn't have a proper stocking :(