Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pregnancy advise

1/7/09 - 27wd7

When I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for all kinds of newsletters at various baby sites. The information and tips are very helpful and learning about baby growth stages is pretty interesting.

There are times when I have to wonder about the information being sent. For example, activities to avoid during pregnancy. Are there really women who still play contact sports, horseback ride or snowboard while pregnant? It's strenuous enough for me to even get up a flight of stairs, I can't imagine trying to do gymnastics. Unless you consider rolling around trying to get out of bed or off the couch as exercise. I'll stick with walking around the block, I'm a lightweight.

What about avoiding an episiotomy by doing perineal massage? Ok, this type of stuff might creep some people but I figured it can't hurt. Well, it can if you have long fingernails. Just saying.

I think a form of recreation I might enjoy is strolling around a bridal extravaganza type convention with my 28 week, 41 inch belly, and asking around the booths where a person might be able to find a maternity wedding dress. I'm sure the looks I get would send me into hysterics and my belly laughs would burn at least a million calories. That's exercise.


Aftercancer said...

I have a friend who played volleyball until she was 8 months pregnant. Of course she was accused of trying to smuggle the ball out as well. Good luck with the pregnancy

Anonymous said...

You should totally ask about a wedding dress! It would be hysterical!

Thao said...

Volleyball! That's lots of running and I sure hope there was no diving for the ball.