Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shawty got low low low

1/6/09 - 27w6d

I went for an ultrasound this morning and I feel like a punching bag.
I just want to say, if a person has no bedside manner and no concern for another person's wellbeingor comfort, they should not be in the medical field. Especially not as a sonographer.

I don't seem to have much success with ultrasounds. There were some technical difficulties with the machine. Come to find out, they got in a new ultrasound machine and they were getting it set up. The sonographer was being trained on the new equipment so she was distracted with that while scanning my belly.

The babies were in uncooperative positions so she was trying to get good pictures of the babies by shoving the wand into my pelvic area and stomach. I meant the babies aren't that small so why the need to push so hard? It hurt so bad and I was squirming but I dealt with it so that she could get the pictures she needed.

When I went to the restroom to clean up the gel, I noticed that my belly button unpopped. Seriously. It went back in. How the heck does that happen? Did she push so hard on my belly that my belly button hid from her? I thought maybe as the day went on, it would pop back out but it didn't happen. Weird. Maybe it will pop back out when the babies are done baking.

On another note, people have commented that my belly is hanging lower. So some time in the last week, my belly dropped. Not only that, the babies are pressing so hard that my stomach looks like a butt, two disctinct babies on the left and right side. Rod says it looks like two hams fighting under a blanket when they start moving. Here's my ham butt stomach at 28 weeks.


Leyna said...

Okay so here's the low down my friend..if the sonogram was painful just wait until you experience the "pre-labor nurse"...it may be a good idea to wearing your boxing gloves that day...or maybe it was because my "pre-labor nurse" was a New Yorker...I still have nightmares about her!! It was worse than the actual labor..and that's whent I had my caboose!:) Well - you (your) belly looks GREAT!! I hope to see you before the wonder twins arrive! Love that I can keep up with your blog. Miss you and keep that oven warm...haha

Floriae said...

Oh my that belly is huge!

and I agree, my first nurse sucked butt - I hope you have a better one!

Thao said...

Oh noes, I will have to come prepared to beat down mean nurses.