Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ultrasound at 28 weeks

1/8/09 - 28w1d

I finally scanned the two ultrasound pictures from Tuesday. I warn you, these pictures can be disturbing for the faint of heart.

Baby A has a hook nose. He is 2 and a half pounds and is in the same head down position. Baby A is an active baby. He constantly moves and rolls around in my belly and basically keeps me from getting any rest.
27w6d - A profile

Baby B has a Dumbo ear. Just look at that lobe. He is a little over 2 pounds and is still breech, which means his legs are digging into my pelvic area. I don't feel him move as much as A but when he does, it's a rhythmic thumping in my bum area. Baby B is literally kicking my butt.
27w6d - B ear

I was a little disappointed about this ultrasound session. I hope the next two will yield better images of he babies and at least let me know how long they are.

I wanted to do a 3D/4D type ultrasound but Rod doesn't think we need to. I suppose we can save a few hundred dollars and not do it but I thought it would be neat to have that memento. The real reason? I want to see that Dumbo ear and hook nose in 3D.


Floriae said...

you should totally do it - you remember how awesome it was for mine!