Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 months

Four months. Wow. Time really does fly. When I look back on the photos from the last 4 months, I cannot believe the changes in the boys. The obvious being their weight and overall size. But also their personalities are more pronounced. I see what people mean when they say you need to cherish every minute with your children because it goes by in a flash. I love these babies to bits and just when I think it can't get any better then it is at that moment, I am amazed that it does.

Dean is so very loud. He has great lung capacity and shows it off when he is hungry. He goes from zero to starving in less then 4 seconds and we cannot get that nipple in his mouth fast enough. His bottom lips sticks out when he cries and it is the most pitiful pouty face. He loves gnawing on his hand and ends up with slobber all over his face and hands. He handles tummy time ok, can hold up his head for a bit but has yet to lift himself with his arms. he has inherited his dad's greasy skin and even after a bath, his head and face get so oily. This does not help the cradle cap that keeps lingering. Dean can entertain himself whether he is in his bouncy chair or on the swing. He gives smiles easily and loves to talk and shrieks when he is ready for attention. His eyes are big and they get even bigger when he is excited or startled. It is the funniest deer in headlights look. He even has darker eyebrows. He is a pretty good sleeper and usually goes down easily except when he is overly tired and past that point. Dean loves the TV and can sit and watch with his dad until he falls asleep. Dean loves kisses and when I go in for a cheek, he turns his head and tries to kiss me but ends up slobbering on my cheek.

Samuel, my little 3 pound baby is a far cry from three pounds nowadays. He is still smaller than Dean but he can sure eat Dean under the table. If there is ever a bottle drinking game, Sam would win hands down. His hair is slowly trying to grow but he does not have the grease monkey look that Dean sports. Samuel has the cutest facial expressions and already knows how to cock his eyebrow. When he raises his eyebrows, he's showing off his "How you doin'?" look. You have a work a little harder to get a smile out of Samuel but when you do, it is a crooked grin that he inherited from his daddy. Oh, and he has the sweetest giggle when he is happy. It just melts my heart. He is not a big talker like his brother but he has no qualms about pitching a fit to get attention. And Sam is definitely an attention hog. Still hollers when he is put down but at least it gets less and less with time. Sam has a harder time with naps. I think he takes after me in that area. It's as if he is afraid to sleep for long periods for fear of missing something exciting. Sam hates tummy time. Can't stand to be on his stomach which is weird because he loved it when he was smaller. Lately, he has been fascinated by his arm and hand. He holds his arm out in front of him and will stare at his fist for ages.

They both are so squirmy and kick up a storm. They do great with breastfeeding and I love nursing them. Their reflux is better and so spit up is less. I am unsure if it is because of the medicine or their maturing digestive system. Bath time is not so traumatic as it used to be and I can't wait until they can sit up unassisted so they can both play in the tub together. They both love sitting on their daddy's lap to watch TV and seem to enjoy the Baby Einstein DVDs I bought them. Both can sit for a while when propped up but because they move so much, they tend to fall over. They are much happier babies and are so fun to watch and play with. At times they look completely different and then other times, they look like they are related.

Their well baby visit is next week so we will see how much they have gained and what percentile they are in. They will also get their next round of shots and thanks to Sarah, I am going to follow the adjusted vaccination. schedule. We'll see if the pediatrician has an issue with that.

Our au pair, Tang, has been great with them. I worried because she dealt with older babies in Thailand, 6 months and up and I thought she would be bored with 2 babies under 6 months. She is sweet with them and they recognize her. I wonder if they can tell which Asian lady is their momma?

Lots of pictures here. I warn you, prepare to get a cavity from all the sweet baby cuteness.


sarah said...

oh maaan.....those boys are CUTE!! I bet you just fall apart when they smile up at you - it's the best feeling. :o) I'm glad they are growing and doing well.

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