Friday, June 26, 2009

First Father's Day

Rod went to a friend's house on Saturday to help deck the attic. Tang went to spend the day with another au pair friend of hers so I was left with the boys. Tang is a big help but I like getting some alone time with them. I have the freedom to act all goofy with them and shower them with hugs and kisses. While the boys napped, I got bit by the baking bug and made a cake for Father's day. Rod's fave is yellow cake chocolate icing and I spruced it up with colored powdered sugar and cream cheese icing. The camera washes out the colors but it was neon orange and green. When Rod and his friends came by, we dug into the cake. He asked if I made the cake healthier by using apple cause in place of oil. Since if was his cake, I made it according to the recipe and used one whole stick of butter.

daddy cake

On Sunday, we went to Rod's sister's house for Father's day and had yummy chicken enchiladas, home made salsa and pico. We ate way too much but it was all so good. Thanks for having us over Rhonda and for welcoming Tang.

Rod got a Rowenta iron from his parents, Gran Torino DVD and a square grill skillet thing from me. I went to a ceramic place and painted a rice bowl then tried very hard to get good foot prints of the boys on it. The image did not come out so well on the outside of the bowl but it came out ok on the inside. That was the boys' gift to their daddy.

rice bowlrice bowl
rice bowl

It's a nice keepsake from his first Father's day.

Tang even gave Rod a picture frame and placed some photos of the boys in it for him. It was a sweet gesture and the frame is cute too.


letti said...

that's a great looking cake. and the bowls are totally adorable.