Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Dean got his first official hair cut at a salon on Saturday. He has his momma's hair because it grows fast. I would trim his bangs to keep them out of his eyes but within two weeks, it would be back in his eyes. I tried to cut his side burns too. The back ended up so much longer and he had a baby mullet. Seriously. It was all business in the front and all party in the back.

This is Dean's sideburns before any cuts.

This is Dean after I trimmed his sides.

He was mad. And squirmy. That is a combo that makes it very hard to cut hair. You see that look. That is a poison dagger look if I ever saw one.

A friend of mine took her boys to Pigtails and Crewcuts where kids cuts are $17.95. I thought that was just crazy. I mean I pay $6.99 with a coupon for my haircuts at Great Clips. How can I pay more than double for my toddler's hair cut?

Dean's hair grows like weeds and it started getting long again. I tried yet again to cut Dean's hair and when one side ended up longer than the other, I resigned myself to let the professionals take over. Off the Pigtails and Crewcuts we went. This place is colorful. There was a back room with tables for coloring and you can have parties there. They sell toys and hair accessories. Kids have so much to preoccupy them so they are not aware of any impending hair doom. They had firetruck and taxi shaped barber chairs. If I was a kids, I would love going to this place. But the second we place Dean in the firetruck he started screaming. I sat him in my lap in a regular chair and gave him a sucker to distract him. Screaming. We tried getting him to look in the mirror but he just kept looking at the lady cutting his hair. Louder screaming. Rod put Dean in his lap. More screaming. Some due to hair getting on his sucker. But mostly because we were trying to keep his head still. I put him back in my lap. There was so much hair and snot. I felt bad for him because he was so scared. The lady who cut his hair (Jessica?) finally got to a point where she couldn't get any more done. It will be a long time before Dean gets another cut. I sure hope toddler dreadlocks come in style soon.

This is Dean the entire 15 minutes it took to cut his hair.

This is Sam the happy clam. He escaped the clippers. This time.

We got checked out and Rod gave a great tip. We decided that being a stylist to tots is not an easy job. It ranks up there with pediatric dentist and the nurse who gives shots.

As we were leaving, there was a trunk of toys for kids to dig through when the deed was done. Now you know if a place has a treat trunk that whatever happens there, it can't be good. Remember the dentist? Yep, they had treat trunks. But you would be amazed at the power of a little plastic slinky, foam rings and stickers can do to calm a hysterical toddler.


sarah said...

I guess we know why the cuts cost $17.95...! Out of curiosity - did you prep him before you took him? Like tell him what was going to happen, let him check out the scissors (with supervision, of course!) We did that with both boys when it came time for first cuts and it seemed to curb their wariness. I think matthew was 18m old and Daniel just got his first cut - age 2. :o)

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