Monday, January 10, 2011

Reflecting on a past word

I reviewed my 2009 post and am embarrassed that I fell short in 2009. My word was Nurture and these were the areas I wanted to nurture.

Twins - The area that I feel I am successful is nurturing my twins. I wish that I can be there all day with them, read to them, take lunch with them and wrestle and tickle them but it just cannot be. They were well taken care of by Tang, our au pair in are now blossoming in their day care.

Marriage - My marriage hit a rough spot after the twins came and hubby lost his job. Things have slowly started to look up after Rod found a job but our financial situation really took a hit.

Photography - I did find two cameras at the end of 2009. The Fujitsu was nice but was too bulky and did not take the greatest photos. I found a Black Friday deal on a Kodak for $69 and love this camera. The problem is I still don't know how to use the light settings to take better photos.

Scrapbooking - Haven't scrapped one page on the boys. I am disappointed that I have not documented the boy's development and progress outside of this blog. I have taken hundreds of pictures but it may be awhile before pages are created.

Friendships - I have cultivated some friendships through my Moms of Multiples group. Being more involved on the board has really helped me branch out of my comfort zone.

Myself - I could have done well on this if not for the fact that I am utterly exhausted from work and babies. I want so badly to carve out some time for exercise because I know it will help my overall well being. I got a wii game for Christmas that I hope will help me get the exercise I desperately need.

Home - This has also gone by the way of the dodo. While Rod was out of work, we ate out less and had more home cooked meals. Since he started his job, meals consist of whatever I can throw in the oven or microwave or on the stove when I bring the boys home from daycare.

I am working on my 2011 word and I hope I do a better job in 2011.