Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is Kitcheneez?

I have been getting questions about what Kitcheneez is so I decided to compile the info I found online into this post.

Kitcheneez™ is the direct sales division of Lisa Shively's Kitchen Helpers. It was founded March 4, 2012, by Lisa to help people who are looking for ways to add to their income and spread great products through parties and gatherings of friends.

Our catalog is full of great and affordable Quick Meal Mixes, BBQ needs, soups and cookbooks to help busy families who want to be able to enjoy meals at home. All of our products contain no MSG, and we offer gluten free, all natural, and vegetarian options and more. We also have amazing specialty hot drink mixes, soup kits and offer fudge seasonally.

Our products are geared towards busy people who want to feed their families quickly and simply while serving a "real" meal at the same time. Many of our products are all natural and gluten free and more hand picked products will be added to our catalog as we grow.

You will enjoy not only a generous compensation plan but also the Kitcheneez™family of consultants.We have all felt the turn of economy and this is our way of helping folks get back to work and feel good about what they are doing.So, if you are looking for a fun way to earn extra income, we have designed a home party plan that may be your answer!

Products offered: Dips, seasonings, quick meal mixes, cookbooks. We have gluten free, sugar free, MSG free and natural options.

Year company launched: 3/04/2012

Commission structure: 30%

Cost to join: $50.00 or $100 (two kits offered)

Business kit contents: Changes quarterly. Always includes seasonings, quick meal starters, catalogs, website and order forms.

Earn kits: Yes

Earn trips: No

Monthly minimums: None

Catalogs released: Quarterly

Cost of supplies: you determine

Advertising restrictions: None

Websites offered: Yes

Online ordering: Yes